Hello, I'm Fanny, the creator of Mady & moi !

Welcome to my laboratory, where I'll help you choose the right skincare for your skin ! Let's start by getting to know each other: What's your first name ?

Pleased to meet you [NAME], The facial I'm proposing is just like me: Natural, Organic, Vegan and Cruelty free.

Let's start your treatment diagnosis together !

[NAME] in order to recommend the perfect cream for you, I need to know more about your skin.

What problem(s) can we help you solve ? You can tick up to 2 boxes.

Your skin seems to lack water, so I suggest adding aloe vera and coconut water to your cream for a hydration boost !

Your skin seems to lack radiance. I suggest adding carrot and beet extract to your cream for a healthy glow !

If you need an anti-aging treatment, karanja, turmeric and hemp oils are perfect for you !

Your skin seems to be lacking in nutrition, so I suggest adding sunflower oil and olive oil to your cream !

I'm starting to see things more clearly!

Let's move forward to improve your skin condition...

For greater comfort when applying your skincare, at Mady & moi, we suggest a texture adapted to your skin. Which statement most concerns you ?

I get pimples easily, my pores are dilated and I'd like my skin to be rebalanced.

My forehead, nose and chin shine quickly during the day, and my cheeks pull easily.

My skin is reactive, irritates easily and can develop red patches. It lacks softness to the touch.

To find out more about you ...

I generally expose myself to direct sunlight for more than 45 minutes a day.

At night I tend to sleep :

Plus qu'une étape avant de te révéler ta routine !

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