How to choose your cosmetics

How to choose your cosmetics?

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Knowing your skin type

The aim of MADY's personalized cosmetic care is to tailor your treatment to your skin type. To do this, you need to know your skin type! Below, we'll explain the characteristics of each skin type and the MADY skincare product that's right for it.

But first, a little physiological information is in order. Cosmetic skin care provides everything your skin needs to protect it from premature aging and other external aggressions. These products are suitable for all skin types, complexions and genders. In fact, all human beings have skin of the same quality.

Different skin colors have an epidermis, a dermis and a hypodermis. The composition differs according to the amount of melanin.

Last but not least, there is no gender difference in skin. Gender has no influence on skin quality, so a skincare product cannot be adapted to one gender more than another. What we want to emphasize at MADY is the inclusiveness of our brand. We prioritize skincare based on your skin's needs, rather than on a single skin color or gender.

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How to choose your base?


Light texture

Light texture

Your skin tends to shine quickly, and imperfections may be present. It tends to be oily and supple.

Semi-light texture

Semi-light texture

Your skin tends to be shiny on the T-zone and sometimes dry on other areas, depending on the season. It tends to be combination skin.

Rich texture

Rich texture

Your skin is often tight and prone to dehydration. It tends to be dry and sensitive.


Body lotion

Body lotion

To rebalance your skin, this fluid, velvety texture will sublimate your body.

How do you choose your active ingredients ?



Your skin often feels tight or sometimes it is dry, or even atopic. It may have red patches, eczema, and it needs a hydrating boost.



Your skin is lacking in nutrition, or atopic, it often or sometimes feels tight, it may have red patches or eczema, it lacks suppleness and elasticity.


Glow-me up

Your skin needs a boost of radiance, a healthy glow, because your complexion is gray and dull.



Your skin needs a complete antioxidant cocktail to protect, nourish and moisturize it. It shows the first signs of ageing, small fine lines in the outer corner of the eyes.

*For the body lotion, choose between HYDRATE-ME and NOURISH-ME active ingredients.

How to choose your fragance ?

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At MADY we offer two fragrances with different intensities that we rate out of 5.
The more flowers, the more intense is the scent. These fragrances have different notes. To help you make the right choice, we've created olfactory pyramids for each fragrance, showing the stages in its evolution over time.
But first, let's take a look at what a base note, a middle note and a top note mean.

  • The top note : It's the first impression, the first scent you smell. It's very light and volatile, evaporating and lasting only a few seconds or minutes. Most often, these are fresh or green notes.
  • The heart note : It reveals the fragrance's true personality, prolonging the freshness of the top note and making the transition to the dense base note. These notes last for a few hours on your skin.
  • A background note : It comes last and lasts for a long time. It mingles with the scent of our skin to create an emotional attachment, and also constitutes the character of the fragrance.
Creamy gourmet Almond fragance

Creamy gourmet Almond fragance

Milky notes of sweet almond on a sweet vanilla base, for a real gourmet pleasure.

Intensity 4

Fragrance intensity

  • Almond pulp
  • Almond milk
  • Vanilla base, Candy sugar
Gourmet scent pyramid
Creamy delicacy

Creamy delicacy

Neutral scent, with refreshing floral notes, for gentle pleasure.

Intensity 2

Fragrance intensity

  • Bergamot, Cardamom, Blackcurrant, Mint leaf
  • Peony, Rose, Violet, Cherry blossom
  • Raspberry, Vanilla
Smell Pyramid Creamy Sweetness

Chart to help you choose your face cream

Your skin is Your cream base is Your active ingredients is
Greasy, shiny and quickly regreases, pores, dilated, acne-prone, with imperfections Light texture Light texture Hydrate-me Hydrate-me
Oily, shiny and quickly re-greased in summer, but needs more intense nutrition in winter as skin is drier than usual. Light texture Light texture Nourish-me Nourish-me
Greasy and dull, graying complexion. Light texture Light texture Glow me up Glow me up
Oily, with the first signs of aging, fine lines in the outer corners of the eyes... Light texture Light texture Rejuvenate-me Rejuvenate-me
Mixed tendency, the "T" zone regrays quickly but the other areas of the skin are normal or even dry. Semi-light texture Semi-light texture Hydrate-me Hydrate-me
Mixed tendency, especially in summer, but needs more nutrition in winter because the skin is drier. Semi-light texture Semi-light texture Nourish-me Nourish-me
Combination tendency and dull, graying complexion. Semi-light texture Semi-light texture Glow me up Glow me up
Mixed tendency with the first signs of aging appearing, small fine lines in the outer corner of the eyes. Semi-light texture Semi-light texture Rejuvenate-me Rejuvenate-me
Dry, sensitive or atopic skin, which feels tight after a shower, lacks shine and may suffer from red patches or eczema. Or for a more intense action, as a night care for combination skin. Rich texture Rich texture Hydrate-me Hydrate-me
Very dry, sensitive or atopic, it flakes, particularly in winter, at the corners of the eyes and corners of the mouth, and can develop red patches and eczema. Rich texture Rich texture Nourish-me Nourish-me
Dry or very dry, with a dull, graying complexion. Rich texture Rich texture Glow me up Glow me up
Dry or very dry, with the first signs of aging, small fine lines in the corners of the eyes. Rich texture Rich texture Rejuvenate-me Rejuvenate-me
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