Perfect Skin Care Routine: Moisturizing and Anti-Imperfections

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A specific skincare routine to achieve perfect skin.

This set includes a moisturizing cream and an anti-imperfections serum with essential oils. The cream hydrates and smoothes the skin, while the serum treats imperfections. A perfect combination for radiant and flawless skin.

A vegan skincare routine for healthy skin

A healing and anti-imperfection serum for unified skin

MADY & MOI's essential oil serum is a natural solution for all skin types. Made with organic ingredients, this serum has been clinically tested to ensure optimal effectiveness. The essential oils have many soothing properties for a fresher and more unified complexion.

This facial oil effectively works on problem skin by reducing blemishes, cysts, and blackheads while refining the skin texture and blurring the pores.

The natural ingredients used in the making of this facial serum are:

  • Organic hemp oil for its antioxidant and purifying action.
  • Organic lemon essential oil for its detoxifying and toning power.
  • Organic lavender essential oil for its regulating and calming virtues.
  • Organic rosemary essential oil for its balancing and revitalizing action.

This facial oil instantly penetrates the skin without leaving any greasy residue for a radiant complexion and healthy skin.

Content: 27 mL

A moisturizing cream for smooth skin

This rebalancing facial moisturizer is suitable for oily or combination skin prone to shine. Hydration is essential for healthy and balanced skin, and this moisturizing cream with natural and organic ingredients will help you avoid issues related to dryness or excess sebum, which can cause imperfections, redness, and blackheads.

The unique formula of this moisturizing cream contains almond oil, mango butter, and organic coconut oil to deeply hydrate dry areas of the skin and preserve the skin barrier.

  • Coconut water and aloe vera have anti-inflammatory properties that reduce inflammation and redness.
  • Vegetable glycerin attracts water to reduce dehydration and improve the appearance of the skin by making it smoother and more supple.

Its daily use helps balance the skin's pH for a more even complexion, reduce the first signs of aging such as fine lines often caused by dehydration, and strengthen the skin barrier for better resistance to external aggressors.

Content: 50 mL

Natural and vegan ingredients.

Cruelty-free products.

Made in Provence.

Our sets are 100% recyclable and eco-designed without glue to bring joy to others without impacting the environment.

This pack contains

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Perfect Skin Care Routine: Moisturizing and Anti-Imperfections

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Perfect Skin Care Routine: Moisturizing and Anti-Imperfections

€46.00 €63.00
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